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December 11, 2019 Bedroom Design

Good Ideas for Wood Pallet Bed

Pallets, this versatile material that allow us to perform all types of furniture and decorative elements. This time we speak of the wood pallet bed. Many may think that may not be suitable for this purpose, but the truth is that if you think about it, the bedsteads are structures with tables. Certainly the pallets too. Thus, it can be an ideal place to put our mattress. A rigid and firm surface to get our bed also includes an ornamental plus.

Wood Pallet Bed Diy

Wood Pallet Bed Diy

We can also choose to create a larger than the mattress box spring. The stylistic effect changes considerably. It is ideal for the most original rooms, those who want to bring different elements. While this type of wood pallet bed base we love, we must add that maybe, to make them bigger and leave much space, is more difficult to access the bed.

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Image of: Wood Pallet Bed Diy
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In this second option, the ideal is that the mattress is at ground level, thus ignoring the space underneath the bed. However, many people choose to create matching items. For example, the more common option is to get a wood pallet bed head, thus putting a unified bedroom. Anyway, pallets used in decorating our bedroom are something we love.

DIY Wood Pallet Bed Frame

Wood pallet bed frame – The materials to wood pallet bed frame needed will depend on the size of the bed. So, for a small 1.90cm x 1.05cm bed 1.90cm x 0.90cm or need a few pallets of usual size, like the Europeans, who often have measures 80cm x 120cm , so we will serve perfectly for horizontal planks. For Meanwhile, we need to acquire in a carpentry or setting yourself three boards large 1.90cm or 1.80 cm, depending on the desired extent. Once we have the materials, the first step is to disassemble the pallet and cut the boards to length. Then clean it thoroughly woods, we will sandpaper and paint wood pallet bed frame it if we want to color. To do this, starting with the ends begin to screw the boards of the three transverse pallet boards.

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So in this case have left more or less space 15cm between tables, but reduce this distance to make the strongest support, but always with the 190 cm long, so they are all tables at the same distance. On the opposite side will carry out the same procedure but, in this case, reinforce the ends with two joined tables to serve us the basis for the wheels, they settle in the four corners. Also, to make the bed frame solid and comfortable we can place on top of a plank smooth, which will nailed or screwed.

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