Fun Kid Bunk Beds Theme

Kid Bunk Beds Decor And Paint

Kid bunk beds – Bunk beds are very practical for a kid’s room – especially if you have two children sharing a room. They can be decorated in a variety of fun ways; if you have bunk beds, learn some sweet ideas to make them look festive. Decorate bunk beds as night and day. Making headboards of thin wood and cut them in half-sun and a crescent shape. Paint and nail them to head of each bunk bed. Paint posts of daytime bed sky blue with some sponged on clouds and paint night-themed bed dark blue with little yellow stars.

Make a garden theme for your kid bunk beds which are most relevant for a little girl’s room. Paint beds sky or white for a base. You can paint flowers as trim on your bed, or decorate with fake flower garlands, twist them around edges and rails and letting them hang down. Do not let them hang too low over lower bed; you do not want them being a danger.

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A castle-themed bed will work well in either a boy’s or girl’s room; depending on colors you paint it. Posts of bed can be topped with turrets that you can easily make out of cardboard tube and papier-mache, and you can paint look of stone down positions. For a more sophisticated look, take a small plastic slide and paint it to look like sprawling step coming out of one or both sides of your castle. Children on top kid bunk beds can even use it to slide down.

Creative and Fun Kid Bunk Beds

Would you like to carry out creative and fun ideas kid bunk beds? Below, we present most original ideas to decorate bunk beds for kids. Notes following ideas! Bunk beds can go far beyond standard bed-to-bed concept and add extra floor space and storage as well as fun and exciting to a kid’s bedroom.

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Expensive kid bunk beds to look like castles, rockets and dolls are not only option if you are looking for something more than an ordinary bed bunk. Loft beds and futon beds are inexpensive options that offer fun of bunk beds with extra features, and tents, canopies and slides add even more fun to children’s bedroom.

Adding a little extra fun and excitement to a bed standard bed is simple. Beds with tents and slides already connected can be purchased, but accessories, such as images that squeeze on standard kid bunk beds are also widely available. It is easy and cheap, but to create your own tents and canopies. Hanging a canopy from ceiling is perhaps easiest way to add a special flair to a bunk bed, but other easy ways include fabric hanging from shower-curtain rods attached to lower bed or drape large sheets of fabric from ceiling around bed, sewing openings doors and windows.

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