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Deep Bookcase Wall

No more disorganized on shelves of books room, lying on table or stacked on a deep bookcase. There are many creative ways to use space in your home to store your books. Creates a special corner for library. Use a library standing to separate main room of library. Add low under window for additional storage shelves.

What better than to dedicate a whole room to our beloved books? If you can, do it. Deep bookcase will offer good storage space and display. Try to use wooden shutters to protect books from direct sunlight. Otherwise your books deteriorate more easily. Use walls to create multipurpose spaces. first step is to fill a wall with shelves. If room has advantage angles architecture to create irregular shapes. It will look more interesting.

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Nothing better to accommodate an armchair next to window … and next to library! Thus only enough to reach out when you start reading. If you only want to save a couple of books built platforms shallow wall. So there will be enough room to shuffle your collection of books with other objects such as paintings, ornaments or artworks. Deep bookcase can also become a library (well, yes, in a mini-library). Stack your favorite books and below and have on hand when you want to read.

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