Excellent Tongue And Groove Decking

Tongue And Groove Decking Floor

Tongue and groove decking – Tongue and groove pine planks have many uses, including the outer coating, underneath the floors and panels. Setting up your own tongue and groove in lumber can be an excellent project for the advanced woodworker. Preparation and machining of your planks actually involves three different operations.

First, the tongue and groove decking must be cut at the edges of the plate. Then the table needs to be run through a planer. This operation machines the wood to a uniform thickness and softens the surface, removing any grain or lumps. However, there are machines available that will perform all three operations simultaneously. Feed one of the scrap planks into the machine.

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Feed one of the scrap boards into the machine. This is a test principle used to determine if the knives and knives have been adjusted correctly. When the plank emerges, examine and measure to ensure that the tongue and groove decking have been properly cut, and that the plate has been planed and smoothed to a uniform thickness. If you are satisfied with the test, begin machining your pine planks.  If the machine requires no fine tuning or adjustment, turn off the engines, make any adjustments, and run another waste test piece through the unit.

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