Elegant And Cheerful Lilac Crib Bedding

Lac Baby Crib Bedding

Combine sharp lines and lilac crib bedding colors to create a feminine nursery with contemporary style. Purple carpet, white walls and purple trim provides a rich nursery background. Oversized yellow, purple and black Wall Quote circles add a burst of decorative color to white walls. Yellow and white dotted curtains hanging from a shiny black curtain rod gives a hint of color around window. An elegant black crib with light purple sheets and geometric-patterned purple bedding provides a sharp touch of texture to room. A matching black changing table with a purple and yellow plaid pad complements crib bold lines. A purple dresser with black trim and angular white buds echoes other bits of furniture without looking repetitive. A black leather upholstered armchair with matching ottoman provides a comfortable and stylish seating area.

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Mix elegant piece of furniture with a cheerful polka dot fabric creating a girl’s nursery room with a sophisticated touch. Light purple walls, cherry wood floors and cherry wood trim provide a rich, but feminine background for design. A large cherry wood crib with lilac crib bedding and white-spotted purple linen gives a bold accent to subdued style. Purple-dotted white curtains hanging from white curtains do not close just frame windows, they help illuminate room.

A cherry wood changing table with a purple pad on top and white baskets on shelves to complement lilac crib bedding. A purple dresser with white porcelain knobs adds a great splash of color to nursery without seeming out-of-place among rich wood. A cherry wood rocking chair with a purple cushion provides a comfortable and attractive place to cut a fussy baby to sleep.

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