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Dog Bedding Set – One of the things you like least in life is to change the sheets. You usually do it on Sundays, when you get serious about cleaning up your house. The ideal for proper hygiene is to wash the dog bedding set printing once a week with hot water, which is essential to “maintain a clean and healthy space, help prevent allergies and maintain good body hygiene.” If you live in a city with the very hot weather, warns the expert.

It is best to do the more frequent washing because it increases your night sweat. Many families change the dog bedding set every two weeks, some even every month, a time that is clearly excessive. Ideally, change sheets every week and wash these at least 60 degrees of temperature, to effectively kill the bacteria. After two years, 10% of the weight of a pillow that has not passed through the washing machine corresponds to dead mites or droppings of these.

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Pillows should be washed every three months. The ones with feathers you have to take them to the dry cleaners, but if they are dog bedding set synthetic you can put them without fear in the washing machine, at 60 degrees you will finish with all the bacteria. Like the sheets and pillows, the mattress accumulates dust, bacteria, and mold that can lead to infections and allergic reactions of all kinds.