DIY Vinyl Deck Railing

Beautiful Vinyl Deck Railing

Vinyl deck railing – Vinyl or PVC deck railings are inexpensive options. You can order a variety of vinyl deck railing system that is relatively easy to install. But there are some important considerations to know before you install your own.

Your railing should be anchored to your house if you build a deck railing system on the porch. If the deck railing system does not abut to your house, make sure the rack attaches to a robust structural wooden posts to provide adequate support. Always measure out deck railing first before making any cuts in it. Check that the distance between each deck railing or the newel post is just as far. You may need to make some changes to the vinyl deck railing on the deck mold itself.

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Most vinyl deck railing system is hollow inside. If you install a deck railing on a deck that sits just above the ground, secure the vinyl newels with a metal pipe running into the ground with a sledgehammer. Drill a hole in the deck where you should place newel and run a metal rod into the ground. Slide the vinyl newel over the top of the metal rod. After filling the installation of the deck railing, using concrete to further consolidate it.

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