DIY Painting An Upholstered Arm Chair

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Upholstered arm chair – Make sure that the chair is clean, free of dust and debris. Removed everything that is not part of the chair, as chair cushion or cushions. With spraying dip the part of the chair by which begin to make it easier for us to work the fabric. Can begin by the cushion or the cushion of the chair.

Painted, in direction of the fabric of upholstered arm chair, first thin layers try to cover all parts of the fabric. Painted the seams lightly and carefully, can use your hands. This first layer will finish underinsured and act as a preparer fabric. Let it dry, as directed by the medium to fabric. Apply a second coat following the same procedure and let dry. Sand all the rough parts of the chair, in the direction of the woven fabric.

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Add a third thicker coat of paint. Can add a layer of our first mixture or prepare a new mixture with acrylic craft paint, medium for the web and a few drops of water. Pulverize water and paint as did in the previous layers. Nevertheless, this time apply a generous layer. This layer is very important, you have to completely cover. Can nail some strikeouts to upholstered arm chair with a hammer.