DIY CD Storage Ideas

Wonderful CD Storage Ideas

CD storage ideas – When you have a lot of CDs, you want to make sure you can store them correctly and easily. They should be accessible and easy to find and should be well kept in your home. Do it yourself CD storage can allow you to have exactly what you are looking for in your home. Decide where to place the CD shelves. The section outside an area of ​​the wall where you would be able to easily access the CDs.

Make CD storage ideas, measure the length of the area. Cut four or five 2 by 4 pieces of wood to fit that length. Sand, primer and varnish the 2 by 4 pieces. Fixing to the wall using the L-shaped supports. Support your CDs in the rows of shelves. At each end, use a small glass jar filled with stones or coarse sand as weights. Your CDs will be accessible, and if the shelves are dyed to match your living room, they will also be designed to suit your style.

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Make CD storage ideas, buy or get several boxes of photos from a store. Leave the covers of the boxes. Align your CDs in the photo boxes, for the spines of the CDs show the information you need to choose a CD. Then install it on a shelf in the room where you want to store the CDs. The book box has to be one with wide shelves capable of storing the photo boxes. Organize the boxes of photos in the book case. The colors of the boxes should match your decor, and that you can slide out to choose a CD.