Design Of Round Wall Mirror

Antique Round Wall Mirror

Round wall mirror add a touch of regency any space, but they can look unfinished if you hang them unframed. Cutting circles of plywood may seem daunting, but the process is quite simple; a circle jig takes all the simple process. Hang your framed round wall mirror over your fireplace, in-room powder or your entryway runway for a polished, sophisticated look.


Determine the round wall mirror diameter by measuring across the widest part wall. Subtract an inch for a frame that overlaps the mirror with 1/2 inch. Cut your plywood a few inches longer and wider than your last measurement. Drive a nail into the center of the plywood; you must insert the circle jig pivot point hole.

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Mount circle jig to the router. Your jig has a long row of holes with diameter measurements, so choose the hole which best matches your larger diameter measurement, then fit the holes of the nail in the center of the wall.

Rotate counter-clockwise around its pivot point to cut out a circle with your router jig. Remove your jig from the nail and reinsert it into the nail on the hole that matches your shorter diameter measurement. Cut a second, smaller circle; now you have a 3-inch-wide frame.

Sand frame border. Paint or stain your frame, including the back, where the mirror will reflect. The frame to dry before applying the adhesive on the back 1/2 inch of your frame’s inner edge. Centers the framework of the mirror’s face and affix the frame to the mirror. Allow the adhesive to cure for at least 24 hours.

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