Decoration Boys Twin Bedding

Boy Girl Twin Nursery Bedding

Boys twin bedding – Creating a boys twin bedding issue with a painted mural. Painted two murals on different walls faced by the twins so they can each have their own special artwork. Install carpet squares on existing carpet or hardwood floors added color. Carpet squares in various shades of green are soft and durable, ideal for a child’s room. Place the linens in blue and chocolate for a place to stay warm and welcoming. Use a striped pattern design of one of the boys and a pattern of gingham or the other pictures.

Install window treatments chocolate colored to harmonize with the pale blue and create a welcoming atmosphere. Paint names or initials of the twins in calligraphy above boys twin bedding. Calligraphy letters vary to elegant scripts modern printing and adds an element of attractive design for any child’s room. Hang artwork and photographs in bright frames.

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Install paper lanterns floating near the ceiling to create lively focal points around the boys twin bedding. Use tape to create your own simple phones. Each twin may have their own colors, like purple, green and yellow on a cellphone, and blue, white and orange for the other. Get an embroidery frame 12 inches and align the hoop with double sided tape.