Decorating Tips For Cool Girl Bedrooms

Cool Tween Girl Bedroom

Cool girl bedrooms – Decorate the room of a child is a matter of practicality and comfort, combined with a little girl personality. It is the latter that determines how a room reflects the female occupant. In most cases, the child and the child bedrooms have the same basic components. In fact, it may not be much difference between the two in terms of decor, especially in the case of older children. However, if you want the space to reflect the touch of a woman, decorate accordingly.

Both boys and cool girl bedrooms can like green and blue for a bedroom, but it is rare that a child who wants a pink or purple bedroom. For a room that screams “all girls”, choose colors in shades of pink or purple. Accent with creamy white, pale yellow and other soft colors so that the room does not look like the inside of a giant gumdrop pink. Paint one wall as an accent wall, for example, perhaps slashes very pale pink and white, or paint the lower third of the wall periwinkle and add a white chair rail to accentuate it.

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Certain patterns are also indicative of touch of a girl for cool girl bedrooms. Hearts and flowers, especially, are sweet on a girl’s room. Busy patterns, however, are best used in moderation. Try placing patterned cushions on a plain quilt or replace a solid color screen with a flowery. Curtains edges on a pretty ribbon flowers are also an attractive option.