Creativity Reclaimed Wood Mirror Frame

Diy Reclaimed Wood Mirror Frame

Reclaimed wood mirror frame – The ideal for this technique is that it is a wooden frame or unmolded plywood. Before you start with creativity, you have to smooth it, remove the dust, and prime with a sealant. Re-pass sandpaper gently and you have the perfect surface to start the job. You can choose square pieces of the same size (tiles) to make a structured model.

In this case, you will not need many pieces if the reclaimed wood mirror frame is thin (if you can, try to get a sample collection from some old collection). Fixed according to the parts, pressing the built-in adhesive or a suitable product. The other possibility is to let your imagination fly to make a model based on pieces and beads of different colors and materials.

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To finish, you only need to join the pieces with a cement of grouting (eye to the color, because there are many possibilities). Mix the powder with water in the proportion indicated by the manufacturer, let it dry and wipe a damp sponge over the surface as many times as necessary, until the “veil” of the cement disappears. Attention! Check the weight of the reclaimed wood mirror frame as it may have increased considerably and you need new attachments and also reinforce the corners of the frame.

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