Creative Way Of Decorating A Living Room

Decorating A Living Room Interior

Decorating a living room – As the first indoor space in a house. The living room is a reflection of the family living in it. Especially for families who often receive guests in business or just socialize. However, for families with an intensity visit that is not too frequent. The living room can be combined with a family room or workspace. Narrow land and minimalist trends are factors driving the integration of the living room with other spaces in order to optimize land or facilitate maintenance.

In decorating a living room, apply a nautical theme to make it look fresh Comfort of a fresh tropical atmosphere comes from white on the walls and sofa. Present a unique and charming turquoise color in your living room. A table with wave-themed carvings and threaded rattan chairs features ethnic elements that make the living room look elegant. Simple work can bring comfort, as well as a decoration that makes the living room look stylish.

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Combine lighting in decorating a living room with natural colors A simple and comfortable living room is a family dream. All natural colors are comfortable but tend to be dark, balanced with the opposite wall painted white and large windows for natural lighting.