Creative Broom Storage Ideas

Broom Storage Ideas For Toys

If you are thinking about creative Broom storage ideas, it is best to think outside the box (forgive the pun). There are many artistic ways to store things like candles, shoes, and magazines. All you need is a little know-how, paint and some pieces. So use the remaining screws and paint from your last renovation and use some usability.

Broom storage ideas this is a good idea in taking up the garden trellis and paint. If your room has a theme color, use it to paint the wood. Screws in the hanger where the trellis is crossed, after the paint is dry and the hanger is safe, place it on the wall. Another fantastic way to use walls rather than floor space is to collect fruit crates or old soda.

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Students living in residence or large families who have to share one bathroom are always looking for innovative ways to hang their towels. Most of the standard bathrooms only have one or two towel rails, which are not enough if there are four or five of you. One idea is to use a short wooden curtain rail and install it for more space. Broom storage ideas this is still another idea for those who have a bit more time and creativity is using the old staircase as a storage unit.