Create A Vanity Table With Lighted Mirror

Vanity Table With Lighted Mirror And Bench

Vanity table with lighted mirror – First, you need a desk or vanity type table to start with. To put over the vanity table, please look for a light fixture. To give some cabinet space for makeup and other items, you can use an actual bathroom cabinet with lights attached. Make sure that the wood color matches your vanity table. A variation could be to buy a mirror and bathroom light strips. And place light strip of a mirror over the vanity table.

Next, open the doors of your closet with light. And screw it to the top of your vanity table with lighted mirror. Remember; make sure your screws will be long enough. Screw the cabinet on so far back on the vanity as possible. This will be sitting against a wall. If you use a mirror and light strips, you screw them to the wall above where your desk / vanity sit.

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Finally, you can add a power strip next to your illuminated Vanity. These giving places to plug your curling iron and blow dryer, and so on. Well, I hope you like your new illuminated vanity table with lighted mirror. And you will see how useful it is when being ready in the morning. Happy to try it.

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