Comfortable Apartment Living Room

Apartment Living Room Modern

Apartment living room – The living room in the apartment tends to be small because the building area is narrow. Because of this space limitation, several functions are often combined into one. For example, workspace and family room. Or a family room that also functions as a dining room. This limited condition can also be experienced by small type houses such as size 36 or 45 square meters. The available living room generally ranges around 9 square meters.

Interior arrangement in a small apartment living room is made light and flexible, especially if the room sometimes changes its function. As for the selection of furniture, choose multifunctional furniture. In addition, do not forget to place storage or storage in your tiny living room. The point, so that the room looks neat and compact.

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Before buying furniture to fill your apartment living room, remember the area so that the size is right. Choosing a sofa if it is too large can be replaced with a two or three seat sofa bed. At certain times, this sofa bed can be extended into a spare mattress. Add two single chairs or ottoman small benches to sweeten the living room. As a storage area as well as a room filler, you can choose a coffee table that has a shelf at the bottom.

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