Choosing Wall Bunk Beds

Small Wall Bunk Beds

Wall bunk beds are the perfect solution for every space challenged-home. Earlier these beds were difficult built-in INS, while wall-mounted beds are considered furniture. If you are looking for a solution for more space in your home that will not break the bank, read about learning how to save money on wall beds


Determine the type of wall bunk beds you want and measure the right size to get a good fit for the space. Whether you customize it yourself or buy a wall bed, if you stick with the standard vertical or horizontal (side assembly) pattern wall bed and do not add optional and / or unnecessary trim, you will save money on wall-mounted beds. Save money on wall-mounted beds by building your own from scratch. Make sure you have these tools and know how to use them safely . . . a table saw, millboard and router.

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Buy full rate wall bunk beds and get it delivered to your home if you are handy with basic tools, but feel less confident in your woodworking skills. Mount average wall bed rate for about four to six hours and save money by doing it yourself. Save money by reusing some good inner spring mattress you may already have or wait to buy one on sale. Check with the seller to see if they have any individual parts available at a reduced price, as you only need the inner spring mattress without box springs. Make sure the mattress for your wall bed is no more than 9 cm thick, or you will need to make small adjustments in the depth of the Murphy bed cabinet.

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