Bunk Bed With Trundle And Good Mattress

Boys Bunk Bed With Trundle

Did you think there was no work bunk bed with trundle? Look at this proposal in a rather narrow room. With a good mattress for each cement support, you will not notice the hardness or difference of one material to another. Learn! This room is the dream of any large family. And it is that although at first glance it seems that it only has four beds … it has six! Two more are removed under the lower beds.

Although that can also be used as a drawer and thus have an extra storage. This discreet and rustic bunk bed with trundle has not left us indifferent. It consists of two beds with a suspended surface in white, which contrasts ten with the wooden coverings on the floor and walls. The minimalism that is sought is such that even the staircase is discreetly integrated into the support to avoid it being an extra element.

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When in the introduction of this book of ideas we told you that the bunk bed with trundle can be used even for the children of the house to have fun, we were referring to this! Look at this beautiful wooden house with light, access stairs and even a slide. It is the dream of any child…