Bunk Bed Couches Convertible

Nov 7th

Bunk Bed Couches – the convertible sofa in bunk George Milano Bedding model is available in fabric, imitation leather or leather. Removing the back cushions the back wheel is immediately obtained a single bed with orthopedic mattress, based on their own needs and stands to provide a second bed. The sofa is fitted with two mattresses made with non-deformable polyurethane expansive. George also offers the possibility of adding a third bed or two practical metal boxes used to store pillows and sheets. And to complete the couch a couple of cushions that are used as armrests for added comfort while sitting.

Bunk Bed Couches White
Bunk Bed Couches White

Sofa bedding Lamp let mechanisms used, tested and guaranteed in time, consenting a simple and quick opening of the sofa bed. In this article you can see some image of bunk bed couches. In particular the sofa bed Milano Bedding George meets UNI EN 747 of 2007 which guarantees the safety of bunk beds.

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The quality of materials, fillers, cutting edge technologies and modern designs make the comfort Milano Bedding Sofa beds are equal to those of fixed sofas used in the elegant lounges; and it is also ready to become practical and comfortable beds. George Milano Bedding sofa becomes a berth to meet the needs of those who need more beds in small spaces. The back and seat of the sofa are converted into two single beds with slats while the compartment under the seat can hold a third removable bed. The seat is raised to hold the ladder. Alternatively, you can insert a pair of metal drawers, ideal for storing pillows, sheets and blankets for them always available. What do you think about bunk bed couches?