Building Three Bed Bunk Beds

Unusual Three Bed Bunk Beds

Three bed bunk beds are as easy to build a more traditional twin-size set of brats. Not only does this accommodate older (and thus larger) children, cleans out the nearly 30 square meters of additional floor space. If your children are old enough to need a bed of this size, they are probably old enough to be part of the project. They will be able to lend valuable help when learning more about building and doing-it-yourself projects.


Prepare Wood

Cut your work to the dimensions above three bed bunk beds. If you do not have a table saw, have your timber cut to your home improvement center. Drill two holes in each of your 6 “x 6” insert. Use a drill with the same diameter as your bolts. Space the holes vertically, the first foot from the end of the post and the other 3/4 inches further down. Place both holes 2 3/4 inches from the outside of the post.

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Three bed bunk beds for the other end of all four services run the holes parallel to the line of holes you have already drilled. Drill two holes at each end of 75-inch beams. Place the holes 2 3/4 inches from the end of the beam and 4/3 inches apart. Drill a hole running perpendicular to the other holes, at my six inches from one end of each post. Wide the holes further using 1-inch drill tip. Move all components in the bedroom where you intend to install a bunk bed.