Build Bookcases With Doors At The Bottom

Small Bookcases With Doors

Bookcases with doors – Bookcases can be adapted for recording doors in their design. Simply by attaching a number of doors on the side panels of the bookcases, a closet section has been added that allows for ideal place to keep hidden and open storage on the rest of the bookcase.

This project requires only basic materials such as plywood, and is very affordable. The project can be improved through the use of higher quality wood. A paint or stain can be used to complete the project.

Build bookcases with doors at the bottom, Arrange two 3/4-by-12-by-60-inch plywood sheets with their long, thin edge on the ground. Make them parallel to each other, three feet apart.  Align 1-inch metal L-brackets every 6 inches along the joints between the top board and the side boards. Drill from each attachment screw whole and inserting a 3/4-inch wood screws.

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Set a 3/4-by-36-by-61 1/2-inch plywood board on the floor and place the frame on top of it. By default the bookcases with doors up on its bottom plate. Place a 3/4-by-12-by-34 1/2-inch plywood board within the framework, to be a flat plate. Flatten the bookcase back down on its rear panel.

Position two 3/4-by-18-by-25-inch plywood on the bottom section, spanning from the “top of the cabinet of directors” and the bottom of directors. Make these plates evenly distributed. Set up a three-part magnetic latch in the middle of the two doors in the vicinity of the top. Mark the screw positions on the top board and door.

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