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Convenient bookcase tv stand on a regular basis. Wooden shelves provide warmth and detailed quality furniture in the room. You can create your own Bookshelf to match with the wooden furniture in any room in your home.

Classic Bookshelf is made up from the back side, top, bottom and shelves. Rack tied to the side of the notch, and sponsored by the section on the side called dadoes. Library can be left with clean lines or shaping, you can add it to the more traditional style.

Instead of plate with sides of 6-48-inch flat on the surface. It is a party. Measure and mark at 12, 24 and 36 inches from the top. This is a sign for bookcase tv stand on the side. Start of each side of the Board through the saw to divide each 6-inch pencil mark the width of the dado planks; to stand up, let the pencil on the bottom dadoes Groove. It is a rack of dadoes.

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The library stands upright. Drive three screws through wood flush side lining bookcase tv stand in each of the ends of the joint. The holes for the screws, Wood glue, using the edge filled with spatula. Let the sealant dry out the wood. Sand the with the surface of the wood with a fine grit sandpaper. Paint racks and allow the paint to completely dry before using.

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