Bohemian Living Room Decoration Ideas

Bohemian Living Room Bamboo

Bohemian living room – The living room is a public space inside the house. In this room, you welcome the visiting guests. There are many ways to juggle or change the appearance of a space, from doing small decorations to a major overhaul. The idea of decorating a Bohemian guest set or also often known as a boho style is one of the most unique interior styles that you can apply to the living room.

The popular bohemian living room style in the 1960s was also always associated with gypsies. Gypsy itself is a term used by people who escape the rigid rules of Bohemia in Central Europe. Bohemian that looks irregular, rich in motifs and colors, will be your favorite style. Especially for those who like a unique style and not rigid. You can explore the use of bohemian style colors and motifs in the living room

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Bohemian style is known as a style that “bumps into” each other. But that does not mean you are free to do a variety of colors. If you will use a lot of motifs and accents, you should avoid using wallpaper or many colors on the walls of your bohemian living room. As a basic color, you can use white paint for the walls.