Bicycle Storage Ideas In Attractive Ways

About Bicycle Storage Ideas

Leaving your bicycle outside predisposes you to theft, even if you have a padlock or alarm. And if you live in a small place, without large closets, a garage or a basement, you will need to put your bicycle somewhere inside your house. Your home does not have to look messy to have your bicycle against the wall. Here are several smart and attractive bicycle storage ideas to store your bike at home.

The metal rack allows you to place your bike on the wall and hold it by the frame. In addition, it has hooks so that all your accessories fit in little space. Bicycle storage ideas Dock creator Dave Custer launched the design after moving to a small studio, where he had limited space for his bike and his cycling team. The best part is that when your bike is not hanging, the Bike Dock can be folded and placed flat on the wall, like a piece of modern art.

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Public Bikes’ Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand is perfect for when you have more than one bicycle storage ideas and little space. This simple metal shelf simply rests against your wall – without frames. It has a lower support and an adjustable upper one, so you can store one or two bicycles of any size or shape, and it allows you to choose the height at which you want to leave them.