Beautiful Stamped Concrete Patio

Colored Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete patio – Stamped concrete is a concrete surface technique that uses prefabricated molds and punches them in wet concrete to create the dramatic, realistic effect of stone or wood. Stamped concrete is suitable for new concrete, or contractor can apply a surface layer overlay to stamp existing concrete slabs. A stamped concrete patio or indoor floor can be very decorative and stylish and is a more attractive alternative to a plain concrete slab.

The cobblestone pattern of stamped concrete patio look like small rock with slightly rounded corners. The edges are not perfect, and many times will look irregular and naturally worn. This pattern will resemble the look of a brick road. Sandstone has a rough texture and gives the appearance of a stone walkway or patio. The edges of the stones are worn, robust and round.

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Beautify the surface of a poured concrete patio with stamps gives you durable pavement with a stylish look. Stamped concrete patio is a process that involves pressing plungers into wet concrete to leave a patterned impression on the surface. Building a foundation and pouring concrete patio is a simple project that takes several hours to complete and about a week to set before you use it.