Attach Logs To Propane Deck Fire Pit

Propane Deck Fire Pit Ideas

Propane deck fire pit – Gas fire logs designed to burn liquid propane connects to a tank with a standard hose connector. A regulator mechanism built into the line control gas pressure from the tank to the pipes beneath the artificial logs. Strategically arranged ports along the pipes to create a simulated wood fire from the burner beneath the logs.

The device is connected to the propane line in a fireplace or on a patio or deck if you have a propane deck fire pit.  Close the valve on the LPG tank, turning the knob at the top clockwise completely. Set gas logs inside the cooker with the nozzle facing propane hose.

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Furthermore, for an outdoor propane deck fire pit, placing a set in the fireplace log distance connecting outdoor propane line. Press plug attached to the end of propane hose on the threaded mouthpiece of the gas logs.  Then, turn the switch clockwise by hand until tight, then turn half a turn with pliers. Swirl soap powder or liquid in a bucket of water to make the foam. Soak the sponge in the foam. Unscrew the valve knob on the gas bottle to gas flows to the fire logs. Clamping soapy water from the sponge over the hose connection with the gas logs. Then, lLook for bubbles and listening for any sound of leaking gas.

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