Aspen Bedroom Furniture Wood Painting

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Wooden furniture is quite versatile in the bedroom, as it can look elegant, classic or contemporary. Solid paints offer a cleaner and more modern wood furniture finish and come in a variety of colors and finishes . Aspen Bedroom Furniture – Current aspen bedroom furniture can be refinished with paint color of your choice to change the whole look of the room. Use a room or work area well ventilated to the aspen bedroom furniture.

Place a cloth on the floor of the work surface to protect furniture from scratches and protect the soil from leaking. Remove as much furniture as possible. Use sandpaper grain 320 to scrape the surface of the furniture to remove any clear coat or protective layer. Apply a thin layer of paint remover with a brush over the entire surface of the furniture.

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Scrape a test area of ​​aspen bedroom furniture with a spatula. If the varnish is easily lifted, and then continue to scrape the remaining areas of the furniture. If not, allow the stripper to sit an additional 10 minutes. Furniture with multiple coats of varnish remover or require more than one application to completely eliminate extraction varnish surface Wood. Repeat the process on the other side if applicable.