Apply A Semi Transparent Deck Stain

Semi Transparent Deck Stain Brown

Semi transparent deck stain protects the harmful effects of rain, ultraviolet radiation on exterior woods. With a semi-transparent stain on your deck allows you to see the structure of the wood? Maintenance of this type of stain is also simple because no stripping is involved and you just need to reapply the stain every two years. There are many methods for applying the stain, but with the roles will give you the best results with the minimum of mess.


Prepare the surface of the tire. Sweep up any debris and dirt you find. Make sure to scrub off any surface stains like rust and ink marks.

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Fill out a rolling pan with semi transparent deck stain. Stir the stain with a wooden stick or memory to ensure that all particles have settled to the bottom of the can thoroughly mixed. Fill the pan halfway rolling to avoid spillage. Attaching the extension handle of the reel so you do not have to bend over while the stain.

Use stain evenly to your deck. Using the roll spot in straight lines. Decide where you want to start and finish so you avoid overlapping and paint over the work completed. Overlapping will cause uneven color. Use a second coat of semi transparent deck stain.

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