Antique Vanity With Mirror Style

Antique Vanity With Mirror Bedroom

Antique vanity with mirror – It may be vanity or simple aesthetic taste, but mirrors exist more than 6000 years ago … and for some reason it will be. In antiquity, mirrors were considered semi precious stones. Some of most beautiful hand mirrors appear in Greek vessels that are now preserved in museums. And many ancient illustrations and sculptures from India and China also show how prized mirrors were in those distant times.

Chinese antique vanity with mirror manufacturers used a mixture of mercury and silver on a solid surface to create reflective glass. Venetian glassmakers then replaced silver with tin. And at beginning of 19th century, Johann von Liebig began working with silver-glass mirrors. They quickly became fashionable and with some subtle differences continue to be so far.

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Antique vanity with mirror stopped being a simple object that reflects us. They are widely used in interior design to introduce an element of glamour into environment. When used with great tact, large mirrors can create an expansion illusion that serves well in small apartments and houses. Why buy a mirror? Is question a bit strange? Is answer too obvious? Well, no. Of course we can buy a mirror for obvious reasons, but there could be other reasons. For example if we want to decorate a part of some room with mirrors.

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