Antique Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels

Stacked Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels

Reclaimed wood wall panels – Feature walls can be introduce everywhere at home. Only personal precautions are needed  but consider your location carefully. Remember wall feature ideas are to create maximum effects need to draw points as soon as you enter the room. Area so that being creative on the wall sitting behind an open door will not have the same effect. And you will be disappoint with the final result. After you have your location the next consideration is the material. That you will use the wall cover no longer starts. And ends with paint or wallpaper so that it really depends on the tastes and abilities of individuals. The easiest way to make feature walls is with a new coat of paint. If you have a fairly neutral color scheme this is the easiest option.

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Just choose the color that appears on the accessory or see the color wheel to find a color tone. That will complement your style  don’t be afraid to be brave. You can paint one colored reclaimed wood wall panels but create a dramatic effect using paint with a special physical touch. Or you can add interest by using different finishing techniques namely rolling rag. If you feel really challenging make an impact by painting a vertical line on the wall. Just change the size of the lane and color it with alternative colors that praise your entire decoration. As long as you have stable hands. Lots of patience and some adhesive tape is actually an easy to use technique for a very effective display. Even if you want to keep your room somewhat neutral.

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But, if you like color, you can now buy some fancy wallpapers that combine rich colors, thick prints, and touchable textures that will create real world reality areas. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Wallpaper may be too much for all reclaimed wood wall panels, but using it on one wall will produce amazing focal points – make sure you choose the right color and design – the last thing you want is to collide with the interior. For those who are experimental and in D I Y, you can be more challenging and use beautiful covers made of bamboo, straw, fancy silk, metal or woven leather. The log panel is very nice in the bedroom when placed behind the headboard, and different colored / shaped tiles look great sitting behind the sink or bathing in the bathroom.

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