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Antique Dresser Handles Repaint

Antique Dresser Handles – For generations, people have been Babying heritage furniture. From grandmother wardrobe to bed Dad slept like a child, many people cherish these pieces of history as art. And today, as the effects of unbridled consumption are being feel in the environmental costs and costs for our wallets. Even more, people have begin to see the value in recycling and refurbishment furniture being use.

Flea markets and collectors or antique fairs are especially good. If you are unsure of what kind of pulls you are looking for. Usually, there is an important assortment, and you have the added advantage of a weight. That the vintage glass knob or brass antique dresser handles in your palm. Roll over to make sure it does not have chips or clinks and ask the seller directly if she gets to know the story of the piece. But not everything they recover is huge and difficult to handle.

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Drawer pulls and buttons from all over the ages and styles from Victorian craftsman to art deco can be find in architectural salvage showcases or online shops. These are a great place to start your search if you do not have the time or inclination to antique dresser handles the parts yourself before buying. A do-it-yourself button is sometimes a good way to modernize or put a signature spin on an antique piece of furniture.