Antique Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Antique Bedroom FurnitureAntique Bedroom Furniture  Often we find rooms with antique furniture that do not fit with the decor modern the rest of the house. Therefore, we are going to show how to decorate a bedroom with antique furniture giving a touch of modernity.

When we find antique bedroom furniture, but the state of this type of furniture is good and design, interesting from an aesthetic point of view, a good solution is recycled through the paint. In this way, we get integrated into the latest decorations.

The first transform a room with period furniture restoring these old pieces through painting. In this way, we create a color contrast between furniture that will make this room look different and renewed. The next step will renew an old chandelier. Paint the walls with acrylic color cream and enamel of different colors acrylic furniture. Provide the final touch decor with bedding. Coloring quilted bedspread and lace trims and ruffles for the cushions provide a refined and delicate to the whole feeling stay.

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In this task we have achieved give it a more modern touch to a bedroom without giving up some old furniture. In this way, we have managed to decorate a bedroom with antique bedroom furniture, reusing them and updating them.