Ana White Loft Bed Design

Beautiful Ana White Loft Bed

Ana white loft bed – You will set two framing the wall so they meet in the corner and a front piece is attached and the region in the triangle becomes the platform for your triangular Ana white loft bed is a good way to use the air space of the room provided the ceilings are too low. You could even build one in a room with eight foot ceilings and put a desk below, but for most, the construction of a triangular loft bed is not a good option, unless a piece has at least ten feet ceilings.

Your Ana white loft bed will eventually be in the form of a right triangle. This means that if you use the side pieces 4 feet and the long room the bed will be a little less than 6 feet long. With a piece of side that is 5 feet long, the front of the bed will be nearly 7 feet long, and with side pieces 6 feet, your piece will be about 7 ½ feet long. When you cut the side pieces to length, make sure that one end of each plank has a 45 degree cut.

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Ana white loft bed securing the two lateral parts of the wall. Choose a height (between 6 and 7 feet is good) and secure the two pieces of planking on the walls, so they are at the central point in the corner. You can locate a wood stud with a magnetic stud finder or by tapping the wall lightly with a hammer. Driving a penny nail 12 or 16 where you think the pin is located just to make sure that there is solid wood behind the wall.