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Floating Bed FrameFloating Bed Frame If you’re up to date on decorating themes, you cannot forget to buy floating bed frame for your bedroom. Undoubtedly, its elegant and modern design will revolutionize style of this room bringing it closer to latest fashion trends. Feeling of lightness that transmits, gives room a futuristic character reminiscent of space weightlessness.

Most of these beds usually have a central anchor in center holding structure sturdy support of a sturdy metal. Others hang by wires or ropes from ceiling like a nest, and even some are so sophisticated that seem more fastening his contact with wall. Others rely only on a lower end touches ground and extends L-shaped curve. We recommend you choose floating bed frame round, because if you want to surprise your “modern” friends, they are totally left without speaking with this choice. If you decide on latter design, do not forget to buy very large sheets.

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However, there are plenty of designs. In fact, in many science fiction movies such as Batman, is a model of floating bed frame. One of most daring designs with increased risk defying gravity is model designed by Danish architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars. This creation was chosen by Time magazine as best invention of 2006.