Aluminum Window Awnings Design

New Aluminum Window Awnings

Aluminum window awnings are not only cut down on sun exposure that causes increased heat in a room; they can also act as a safety device for windows during weather events such as tropical storms. When immersed in the closed position, the aluminum window awnings protect windows; ward off high winds and flying objects. If you want to install window blinds in your home, you can do it yourself. Having a helping hand will make the project go a little smoother?

Sit or stand a ladder next to the window where you install the aluminum window awnings. Pick up the awning and climb up the ladder. Have someone help you if you cannot lift the awning on your own. Place the awning to the outer wall and mark manufacturer pre-drilled mounting holes at the rear of the awning aluminum, as well as on the support arms, using a marker. Climb down the ladder and place the awning on the ground.

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Then to install aluminum window awnings, put on goggles and climb up the ladder with a drill fitted with a masonry bit. Go back down the ladder and load silicone caulk into a caulking gun. Walking back up the ladder and spread a bead of silicone seal on the outer wall where the aluminum awning will hung over the window. Quickly escape ladder and retrieve awning aluminum windows. Then align it with the pilot holes, and attach it to the outside wall with a screw gun, concrete screws.