Aluminum Pergolas Design Ideas

Top Aluminum Pergola

Aluminum pergola – Often based on external patio areas of housing, pergola accented backyards and provides a place to hang the plants and let the vines grow. Although fairly open design, pergolas provide some protection against heat. And then advantages of aluminum, the light weight of aluminum makes it easy to work with compared to the heavier and thicker wood. It also has the same strength and structural integrity of these heavier materials. Finally, aluminum pergolas require less maintenance than wood frames.

Although used primarily as a visual accent for a backyard or patio. And best aluminum pergola can be used to reduce the heat. The distance between ceiling grid determines how much shade is offered; this can be anything from 30 to 60 percent.

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Pergola is available in many designs. The most important design factor for heat is the distance between the crossed frameworks of the lattice. The closer the grid, the more shade. The direction of an aluminum pergola is also affecting the degree of shade. And for example, a south facing best aluminum pergola better shade and heat relief in the morning when the sun rises in the east, and in the evening when it is setting in the west.