Aluminum Pergola Kits Vs Wooden

Popular Aluminum Pergola Kits

Aluminum pergola kits – Pergolas provide a focal point in your backyard that immediately defines your outdoor space while providing shade and protection from the elements. Are two materials used to make pergolas, aluminum and wood? Their appearance, installation, costs and required maintenance is different but either option will add an instant upgrade to your backyard. Pergolas are outside the structures that provide some shade, but generally part of the roof left open. They help to define an outdoor space for seating or entertaining purposes.

Wooden pergolas require more maintenance than aluminum models. Wood that has exposed to the elements, which can rot with time. Using solid wood to ward off this problem. Paint can also chip that requires you to repaint pergola occasionally. Aluminum pergola kits constructed to include a weather-resistant paint finish. Some aluminum pergola kits come with a lifetime warranty, guarantee against rot and rust.

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Aluminum pergola kits are generally easier to assemble. Tongue and groove stakes, preassembled parts and closed diagrams makes installation faster and easier than assembling a wooden pergola. Professionals can custom-make your wooden pergola and install it, but this comes at a premium. Aluminum pergolas can be hot when left in direct sunlight, while wooden pergolas tend to be cooler in hot weather. Some aluminum pergolas heat treated to alleviate this problem. Aluminum pergolas tend to be less robust than wooden pergolas.