All About Board And Batten Siding

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Board and batten siding – also referred to as board and batten utilize vertical planks cladding of the building. Builders place a narrower board, called batting or batten over seams between boards, create a weather-resistant outside cover. This siding method is not as common as other siding systems. The vertical application of the Board and batting siding requires a few additions to the wall studs. Add horizontal 2-by-4-inch boards, spaced every few meters, on the outside of wall studs. This is an additional cost of both materials and labor required for a board and batting siding system.

Board and batten siding just use common dimensional lumber. Use 1-by-6- or 1-by-8-inch boards for most of the siding. For batting or cap over the seams, use 1-by-2 or 1-by-3 inch lumber. The use of standard dimension lumber reduces costs compared to ground beveled siding. Use either low-cost or more expensive pinewood, such as pine or cedar, which is naturally resistant to rot. Each wood siding requires routine maintenance. Keep the dashboard and padded wood siding painted or covered with a water sealant. Only use galvanized or stainless steel nails during installation or maintenance on board and batten siding.

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