Advantages Full Size Day Bed

Good Full Size Day Bed

Full size day bed is a double bed that has the appearance of a deep sofa. When space is limited, day beds offer a sophisticated solution. During the day, a sofa-bed can act as seats for reading or studying and at night it is a place to sleep. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of a sofa bed when it comes to size, appearance, and versatility and frame options.

Day beds are equipped with individual mattresses that, unlike a futon, never have to be folded. As a result, full size day bed allow for stronger support systems. Considering the size of an individual mattress is 39 inches long and 75 inches wide, the bed will sleep a person of average height quite comfortably. However, for people over 6 feet tall, a sofa bed is likely to be a bit on the small side. The height of an individual should be considered carefully before buying a sofa bed. It should also be noted that a sofa-bed will only sleep one person.

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Full size day bed adds a formal touch to a room, as it folds like a sofa. With decorative cushions and complete comforter sets, a normal sofa bed transforms into an elegant sofa that fits with the highest level of decoration. A bed skirt can be added for an extra touch of sophistication, or to hide a nest that may be underneath.