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Awesome Ikea Svarta Loft Bed

Ikea Svarta Loft Bed – Ikea Svarta Loft Bed Are you looking for a bed frame but you don’t wish to compromise the rest of the precious space you have in your bedroom? The Ikea Svarta Loft Bed allows you to combine the footprint of your bed and desk into one. The only caveat is climbing in and out of bed every night and morning. This bed is not for those who love a late night snack, unless of course they invest in a nightlight.

The ikea svarta loft bed differs from the other two Ikea loft beds in its price and size. The Svarta is about $50 USD cheaper than the Tromso, which is also steel. The Svarta is nearly 1/3 of the price of the wooden Stora Loft Bed offered by Ikea. The Svarta is offered in a Twin size, while the other two are offered as Full/Doubles.

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The ikea svarta loft bed is a small bed. It is not meant for two, this is for certain. Its ladder can be mounted on either side, allowing for maximum versatility. The desk below the bed model really does free up a lot of space. If this is something you’re concerned about, and you’re on a budget, the Svarta may be right for you. The only questionable thing, as it is an Ikea product, is its durability. The Ikea Svarta Loft Bed’s materials are simply steel and pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating. The steel is quite light and an average person can push the bed around by themselves.

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