About Adirondack Rocking Chair

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About Adirondack Rocking Chair – It all started around 1903 when one Thomas Lee and his family were on vacation in West-port New York. He sought a solution nice to sit on the sloping area around his home. So he went to work with a plank of wood and a saw and chipped ended 11 pieces of the chair that is now known as the Adirondack chair. The chair usually has a fan-shaped back and leaning slightly backwards

Next about Adirondack rocking chair, His friend Harry Bunnel vondt made it such a special chair that he patented aanvraagde. And because he was looking for an income for the winter months, he began to make chairs in his shop to sell to summer guests. All his creations were made of “Hemlock” (this is a very big fir species), green or brown were painted and signed.

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The hallmark of the Adirondack rocking chair, his wide, flat armrests, and great comfort where the entire Adirondack style is known for. Due to its solid construction, this chair ensures years of sitting pleasure. Nowadays you get the chairs against many forms of “love seats” to rocking chair, but always recognizable by its architecture and flat armrests.