3×3 Simple Living Room Ideas

Simple Living Room Ideas Modern

Simple living room ideas – If the design of your living room is small and might make the design of a dream. Work for your home and living room not yet realized. Don’t worry! The small living room should not be a constraint in design. You can do a number of brilliant ideas for the beauty of the living room. Therefore we have come to present a beautiful design from the designers’ best works that are challenging for all of these situations. Whether in a narrow area or lacking space. All can be created to stay comfortable and relaxed for you.

Every beautiful house has unique stories behind it. For this one house, the story begins with a pair of young lovers — the husband is from England. And his wife is from the United States, where they need a simple living room ideas renovation design.  This 3 × 3 minimalist living room design utilizes a simple but luxurious decoration such as a round wooden table with a layer of marble as a base and a long creamy sofa.

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Design of simple living room ideas 3 × 3 sizes should not be excessive so that the living room does not look narrow.  With the lighting coming from the large window door. The design of a 3 × 3 minimalist living room seemed more spacious. The creamy wide carpet creates a comfortable feel for the living room of this house.