3 Piece Living Room Set Ideas

3 Piece Living Room Set Sofa

3 piece living room set – the family room is one of the important spaces that must be owned in the house with 3 piece living room set. This room is room to relax and mingle with couples and children. You can spend time watching movies, relaxing, talking. This room does not have to have a large size. You can decorate your narrow space to be a comfortable place to gather with your family.

The family room doesn’t have to have a sofa! You can replace it with a thick fur carpet complete with bean bags! All-white colors also make your room look more spacious and spacious. The application of a 3 piece living room set of narrow space on the side of the stairs can be transformed into a comfortable family room. You can also use Scandinavian furniture to make it look eye-catchy!

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The design of 3 piece living room set minimalist with simple furniture also makes your tiny room comfortable to live in. This hanging tent can be a comfortable playing spot for your little one. Despite being in a corner, this family room remains comfortably blended with a dining table and living room sofa. Suitable for those of you who have small space. This letter L-shaped sofa can be a comfortable spot to gather with family and enjoy movies every night!