12 Nice Collection Of Cream Bedding Set

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The origin of the cream bedding set is to recover pieces of varied fabrics. Such as remnants of garment making and even fabric recovered from worn garments, selecting the parts in better condition. Buying whole new cloths in perfect condition to cut them into pieces would have seemed absurd to many quilters of the 19th century!

The option to recycle fabrics is still valid today. Although to make a successful quilt, it is much easier to choose a nice collection of cream bedding set than to break your head in combining various remnants. Maybe that’s why it’s not done that much anymore; in the 21st century, we like to achieve results quickly. On the other hand, the option of using low quality fabrics for its low price or cotton / polyester blends (more economical), is risky.

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The truth is that the difference in quality of cream bedding set is very noticeable in a finished quilt. Just as the difference in quality in the ingredients is noticed in the kitchen. No matter how talented the cook is. A quilt requires many hours of work; it is a pity in my opinion that it cannot give the best result due to the low quality of the material.